Aberdare National Park Kenya

Aberdare National Park Kenya

Created in 1950, Aberdare National Park Kenya is located in the Central Highlands. The atmospheric park offers a kingdom surrounded by Mist where Elephant’s roam through lichen hung forests, Spectacular water falls plunge into pools and have trout filled streams. The Landscape is made of moorland, peaks and forest of the Kinangop Plateau in the South and the Salient rain forest in the East.

Aberdare National Park Kenya, can be accessed by road on tarmac from Nyeri and Naro Moru on the Eastern side and it’s 150 Kms from Nairobi. There is a road that crosses the park through the lower slopes up to the Moorlands to connect to the western side through to Naivasha which is 87 Kms from Nairobi The park Headquarters is 15 Kms from Nyeri town, along the Nyeri – Nyahururu road.

It can also be accessed by Air to the nearest airstrip which is Mweiga Airstrip near the Park Headquarters  along Nyeri – Nyahururu road near Sasini Estate Farm.

Species: The most popular animals here are the elephants, black rhinos, black and white colobus monkeys, buffaloes, leopards, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, , warthogs and bush-bucks to mention…. others include in the rare sightings are the Giant Forest hog, bongo, golden cat, serval cat, African wild cat, African civet cat and the blue duiker.

Activities: Game drives day/night which trails are mostly used to search for the populated wildlife with the park with costumed design vehicles with an open roof to view the wildlife and visits to viewing platform at the Chania Falls and Karura Falls. Bird watching is a common activity too including trekking safari in Kenyan park, plus photography.

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