Cheap Gorilla trekking in Uganda, book your cheap gorilla tours in uganda

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Cheap gorilla trekking in Uganda

Did you know that you can do cheap gorilla trekking in Uganda cheaply? Uganda is a land-locked country with ten gazetted national parks and twelve wildlife reserves. It borders Tanzania in the south, Kenya in the east, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and South Sudan in the north. Uganda covers an area of 241,038 square kilometers which is full of beautiful sceneries, dotted by water bodies, numerous wildlife and many more that resulted to it gaining a beautiful slogan – the Pearl of Africa.

Each of the ten national parks harbors different attractions and activities, for example, Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to the rare tree climbing lions, Kibale National Park with its chimpanzees, Murchison falls for the powerful waterfalls plus Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national Park for the amazing great primates – gorillas, golden monkeys and many more with beautiful attractions.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in the southwestern parts of Uganda covering an area of 331 square kilometers. It is home to a large number of mountain gorillas which are about 459 almost half the number of gorillas in the whole world. They are major activities that take place in this park first and leading, including gorilla trekking, nature walks and others.

You can be there much interested in doing gorilla trekking but due to the little money you have, you think it’s impossible. Your chance comes now as you read this article. In Uganda, we take everything to be easy and accessible. Others can think of a permit but above all gorilla permit never changes either to increase or decrease. The only secret is, you can organize a group tour reason being they can bargain and be given a discount.

Despite the above, gorilla trekking refers to a hike to tropical forests of Africa to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. In other words in Bwindi there are many accommodations ranging from budget to luxury therefore, you cannot fail to get where to sleep that should not be your worry and it’s the only way to reduce the expenses.

In addition, you can spend only one or two days as another way of minimizing rates. The drive from Entebbe to Bwindi normally takes about 8 to 9 hours’ drive which scares most visitors. You can also opt to do the trek as you come from Rwanda where you will spend only four hours accessing Bwindi impenetrable national park.

However, they are other activities you can do after gorilla trekking such as cultural encounters with Batwa pygmies, community walks where you interact with the locals, and nature walks but above all to make things cheaper you can ignore all these activities and do gorilla trekking only to save money.

In other words, you can be there when your need to travel to Uganda for gorillas at a cheap price, our company organizes such safaris, therefore, don’t be afraid of talking to us for any help or detailed information about cheap gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Even though it’s a cheap gorilla trekking safari you will need to carry the same equipment as those going for other safaris but just in case you have them.

You will need good hiking shoes or rubber boots for an easy hike since they are some short hikes, binoculars, cameras to take photos and record some videos, rain gears, including, rain jackets and sweaters, insect repellents since you will be passing through a forested area, sunscreen to reduce on the effect of sunshine, and the energy giving snacks such as biscuits and cookies plus many more for the best of your trip.

The best time to do this amazing activity is normally during the dry season which starts from May to July and December to February when trails are reachable and the vegetation is dry and short hence giving rewarding views.

During the rainy season which is from March to May and September to December when roads are flooded but good enough most of the national parks and lodges offer discounts hence a chance to budget travelers. Therefore, there is no best time to travel it just depends on one’s choice.

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