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Entebbe International Airport Opens for Uganda Airlines flight

At last, it was a day for the official opening of all boarders of Uganda. At Entebbe international Airport which opens for flights, it was excitement when the landing and departing planes were launch.

The opening of the boarders gives all the incoming and outgoing clients/passengers to test for COVID 19, 72 hours before departure or arrival. All the Standard operation procedure must be followed as per the government guidelines.

The opening of the boarders has come to being as COVD 19 will be around for some time while the vaccine is being developed by different countries in the world including Uganda, every person has to learn to leave with this virus for some time.

History of the Lock Down

The country has been in lock down for 6 month since the first COVID 19 person entered in to Uganda, the first lock down was in March 2020 when most of the service sectors were locked down including schools, and Transport sector. This was to stop the rapid spread of the virus among the population.

The first victim was spotted from the arrival at Entebbe international airport, leading to lock down of the Airport till to date.

Mean time this did not stop the spread of the virus as the trucks were allowed to come into the country from the neighboring countries of Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and Congo. The drivers of these trucks were always tested at the border posts and those found with the viruses where turned back and sometimes people from those countries sneaked to Uganda through porous boarders hence forth spreading the virus

However,  the government through the ministry of Health managed to keep the numbers low and there were no death for four month, but as soon as the lock down of some sectors were eased the numbers have shot up including some reported death.

Control Measures for Traveling Passengers to and From Entebbe

As way to continue to control the spread of the virus among the travelers in the country and the those who want to visit the country, SOP’s have been introduced and must be followed before any one starts the travel in or out.

According to Civil Aviation Authority, these measures have been undertaken to control the spread of COVID 19.

Measures for International Passenger

Passenger must have had a negative PCR COVID-19 test done within 72 hours before arrival in Uganda, and has not shown any signs and symptoms of any infectious disease before boarding.

• The PCR test must have been done from a laboratory approved by the country where the journey is initiated.

• A passenger who shows signs and symptoms of an infectious disease on arrival will be put in a waiting infectious disease ambulance and taken to an isolation center Like Entebbe Hospital where infectious disease checks and a sample for COVID-19 tests are carried out and results will be returned within 24-48 hours.

• If a passenger tests positive for COVID-19, he or she is taken to the COVID-19 treatment center, or is repatriated for treatment in another facility outside Uganda at their own cost following COVID-19 medical evacuation protocol.

• Airlines and airport authorities will ensure that before boarding to Entebbe International Airport, a passenger must have met the above requirement.

• Ministry of Health will ensure there is an accessible COVID-19 PCR laboratory outside the terminal building which will be able to take samples and avail results within a short time, for exceptional circumstances.

• An infectious disease laboratory is not allowed within the vicinity of an international airport, therefore, passengers that require a PCR COVID-19 test will have to be transported to the facility by MoH or at their own cost escorted by security.

Outgoing Passengers

• A passenger leaving Uganda will ensure he or she has carried out a COVID-19 PCR test and valid within 72 hours before boarding.

• Passengers with special situations that may not allow them to present a PCR test certificate will have to ensure they have a clearance from the country they are traveling to showing they may not take a PCR COVID-19 test and will be allowed to enter the country on arrival.

• A passenger who shows up with signs and symptoms of an infectious disease as detected by Port Health staff will not be allowed to board but will be taken to an isolation facility for medical investigation and treatment.

More Information can be obtained through Uganda government Representatives (Embassies) in your country

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