1. Explore the magnificent Lake Mburo National Park

Explore the magnificent Lake Mburo National Park, This national park is 370 sq km in size and it’s a dense gem located close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda. it’s the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah national parks and motivated by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks that date back more than 500 million years. This national park is home to 350 bird species as well as impalas, zebras, elands, buffaloes, deffassa waterbucks, hippos, hyenas, topis, oribis, as well as reedbucks.

The national park has got 13 other lakes and Lake Mburo forms part of a 50 km long wetland system that is linked by a swamp. The activities carried out here include;

Game viewing; the game drives through the park will offer you a chance of seeing animal species as well as birds. You also have to make sure that the ranger from UWA is on the vehicle to be able to show you the many bird species as well as mammal species. The national Park is the only park where you can find the giraffes, impalas, elands, zebras, leopards as well as lions. There are also the nocturnal game drives in the park and it’s one of the memorable activities in the park.

Boat cruises are carried out on Lake Mburo, this will help you come face to face with the flora and fauna of the lake. Along the banks, you will view many animals that come to the water especially in the dry season. You are see many hippos, antelopes, crocodiles, buffaloes and many more. The bird species found here include; blue headed weavers, Malachite Kingfishers, Herons, Hammerkobs, rare shoebill, The pied kingfishers and many more. The boat cruise will give a chance of viewing the crocodiles as well as the hippos in their natural habitatand this has continued to be the major tourist attraction.

Bird watching is one of the activities carried out in the park, it has got about 35o bird species found here. The birders will find the swampy valleys of Warukiri and Mariti as well as the road side between Rwonyo camps and the jetty which are good areas for bird watching and is where you can find the shoebill stock. Some are found at the platforms of Rubanga forest and the Miriti valley. The common bird species found here include; grey crowned crane, the black belled bustard, the red headed lovebird, the emerald spotted wood Dove, the common scimitar bill, the Nubian wood pecker, the white winged tit as well as the yellow breasted apalis.

Nature walks, the park has got many nature walks and these are taken anywhere in the park with an armed ranger guide from Uganda Wildlife Authority. You are able to see hyenas that are coming from their dens after night of being on the prowl. You will view the hippos that are returning from grazing during the night. The other animals to see include; elands, topis, giraffes, antelopes, birds, buffaloes and zebras.  Take a trail into the top of the hills and view lake Mburo and beyond. Gte to view 9 of the regional lakes that are found in the area.

Rubanga Forest is a good place for birders and it has got 40 bird species that have been recorded in the forest including the five specialists. The trees offer many habitants that are found in this forest including; Markhamia and Platycaluzplam, acacia and the fig trees. This forest offers many habitants that are great for the birds that make it so special for the bird watchers. There are 40 bird species in Rubanga and the common ones include; harrier hawk, shoebill stock, the green pigeon, the grey backed camaroptera as well as Narina trogon.

Salt Lick; Have a guided walk with an armed ranger towards the salt lick and see animals as they link the salty soil that is found here. UWA has put in place wooden platform hideaway were the tourists can stand and then see the animals around. It’s an opportunity for the visitors to view the antelopes, zebras and many more. It’s an early morning nature walk for the visitors to view the antelopes, elands, zebras, and giraffes. It takes 2 hours and half in length and its mostly a stroll in the park.

Fishing is also another activity carried out in the park; it has got Five lakes inside and this makes it a total of 12 lakes in general. The park attracts may fishermen who come to the lake to fish. The park has 6 fish species that are found here, Tilapia being the main species of choice. sport fishing can also be carried out since we can get a license. Fishing experience can be arranged and the main designated fishing spots are at Masinga and it’s a safe area located along Lake Mburo.

Horse Riding is also an activity carried out in the park; this is the only park in the country where one can carry out a game drive from the back of the horse and it’s the best way of viewing the wildlife that is found in the park. These tours last between 1 to 3 hours. You can also enjoy an overnight horseback riding that can be offered with tents and meals in the wild.

The bicycling safaris; this is another adventure in the park, they are well guided bike rides that are 1 hour to as long as you can like. You are to ride among the zebras, antelopes, buffaloes and many other flat areas of the park.

Igongo Cultural center; Just 4 kilo meters from Sanga gate, you will meet Igongo cultural center which is historical show place for the Banyankole people who lived in the western Uganda and include; Batooro, Bakiga, Banyankole as well as Banyoro. Get to enjoy the museum as well as the restaurant that serves great local and international dishes.

Lastly is the Equator which is another stopover where you get to enjoy some photos and buy souvenirs. The place has got many good restaurants that have got good snacks that can help you enjoy your journey.

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