Gorilla trekking-in-Uganda and Rwanda
Gorilla trekking-in-Uganda and Rwanda

Gorilla trekking-in-Uganda and Rwanda will never be completed without Gorilla trekking permit. The place offers golden opportunity to tourist to enjoy gorilla trekking by availing various gorilla safari packages. Most of the packages comprise of 7 days to 9 days. And in the packages, golden opportunities are provided to tourists to explore various national parks and gorilla sanctuaries and spend moments in the vicinity of endangered giants.

The Amazing Gorilla trekking-in-Uganda and Rwanda that make  a difference

Gorilla trekking is famous safari activity in Uganda and Rwanda beating the other wildlife tourist activities in an African safari. Many people travel from different parts across the world for a Gorilla trekking-in-Uganda and Rwanda, where the would wish to view these unique creatures and appreciate the thrilling experience in this two countries. A permit is vital when preparing to go Trek this apes, with out a gorilla permit, one has no complete gorilla trekking on a wildlife Safari in Africa. The permit is a source of revenue of tourism in this two countries, however yet a good cause of preserving the mountain gorillas in the wild.

One needs to plan an early Gorilla trekking-in-Uganda and Rwanda by securing a gorilla permit first as this could be tiring task to secure one, remember every one in the world over needs to see this Mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, therefore one needs a permit, ones you have it your good to plan for other activities.

What is the purpose of Gorilla trekking-in-Uganda and Rwanda

While you plan for mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda you will need to plan and secure a gorilla permit as a procedure to see the mountain gorillas. In Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority is the organization that issues the mountain Gorilla permits for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This is secured in advance of trip plan because they are highly demanded. The Authority has got 160 mountain gorilla permits available every day and these are split between the habituated gorilla families.

The peak seasons are from June, July, August, September, December, January and February and these are the hardest months to get a gorilla permit. These permits are sold locally on cash basis at UWA office in Kampala. The charge of a mountain gorilla permit in Uganda costs $700 per person.

How to secure a mountain gorilla permit in Uganda and Rwanda Early

When you hire a tour company to book and organize your gorilla safari on your behalf, there might be a few deviations from the plan every now and then, may be you could get a permit that is valid for a day later than you needed because the other were all booked out or later in the other dates. Securing a gorilla permit is the only one step of organizing your Uganda safari; there are other things like travel arrangements, Transportation, booking lodges and many more services to include in the gorilla trekking Safari.

Acquiring a Rwanda Gorilla Permit

Rwanda Development Board is the governing body of tourism in Rwanda that runs the affairs of development and preservation of Rwanda Volcanoes Gorilla park; an email is sent to them to make reservations for mountain gorilla permit which costs $1500 per person per day.

The second option is booking through a Ababa Uganda Safaris for your mountain Gorilla trekking in Rwanda. we have the experience and reliability in securing a gorilla permit for our customers. Volcanoes national park is home to 10 mountain gorilla groups and each group can have 8 people visiting in a day per hour. Presently Rwanda is receiving so many visitors coming track gorillas so it’s best to book early to guarantee your gorilla permits for the day.

Visitor’s require to share with their Ababa Uganda Safaris the passport information; after full confirmation of the booking, passport details of the trackers will be needed at UWA to enable writing out the gorilla permits. Ensure the full names, passport number and country of passport issuance. You must be over 15 years of age to obtain a gorilla viewing permit and you will be good to go mountain Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda and Rwanda.

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