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Jinja Tourism City – the ultimate Tour place in Uganda – The source of the River Nile, Bujagali falls, Owen falls Dam, the New Jinja Bridge, Kakira Sugar works and the city center.

Jinja Tourism City is a city that make one Curious to include in their Uganda Safaris tours about it legendary treasures as indicated on Internet and in travel plan guide books, a ride on the Kampala Nairobi highway gives a fresh mind of a plan to take a tour in Jinja tourism City, one discover what makes life about the source of the River Niles so Special. The route to Jinja from Kampala is a temping tourist corridor. The route offers all nature has for mankind and it reminds. On the way you will reach Namawojolo market to enjoy the aromas of chicken barbeques, roasted and yellow bananas fruits.

Brief History of Jinja Tourism City – Source of the River Nile

Jinja is a name that comes from the local language in Bantu speaking intellect in Eastern Uganda Tourism City known as Lusoga, when the European came here while looking for the source of River Nile Calling the place with many stone “Edinda” which now historically is called Jinja. The route to change the name was alluded to hazily in the ancient writing of Ptolemy, stood as one of the great historical mysteries of Victorian age. The desire to uncover this history of the Holy Grail inspired journey of exploration undertaken by Livingstone, Stanley, Burton and Speke. And it was the Later, John Hanningtone Speak, who pioneered the 1862-3 expedition around Lake Victoria, who first controversially suggested that, a small waterfalls which was following northward out of the lake might be the legendary spring – a theory whose accuracy was confirmed more than ten years later by Stanley.

Today  Jinja tourism city hosts the water falls described by Speke now lies submerged beneath the Owen falls Dam, Uganda’s’ main source of Hydro Electric power. Still, a tour adventure to the city and the source of River Nile will be a wondrous experience, no less so to those who have seen the cities in Africa and some River water as it flows past the ancient Egyptian temples of Luxor some 9,000km downstream.

Attractions on a journey Jinja Tourism City Tour – Source of the Nile

Jinja Tourism City is best known for Historical, Cultural, and natural attractions and the best place for Adventure Tour in Uganda for White water rafting.

Sezibwa falls on the Trails of Jinja Tourism city Tour

Before entering the greenery tunnel of Mabira forest, turn to the right to take a glimpse at the Famous Sezibwa falls. Fifteen minutes to the legendary stream and cultural custodian keeps watch of the scenic spot and recite the tales of the twins who gave birth to this stream that pauses of sparkling falls and rock caves where the mother lived.

Adventurous Mabira Forest Reserve along the Jinja Tourism City

Mabira forest reserve is located at the mouth lip Najjembe highway market where travelers make their last shopping stop. You will refresh here if you need too. You then bid farewell to the west land and as if to say farewell to the skies closed; little light, clouds of green foliage will fall on you.

This is the largest forest reserved in central Uganda with an estimate size of 300 sq Km area. The forest is an inclusive Jinja Tour on the plan to the eastern tour route, that is enjoyed by tree climber for canopy slide, the medicine plants and the primate that are found here, including the very many bird species that are found under this forest cover.

The sugarcane and Tea Plantation along the highway to Jinja City

The huge sugarcane and tea plantations of Lugazi sugar factory, which form little contours on the apex of the hills; and makes the area topography admirable to travelers. Then comes Mbiko, the sleepless highway town; booming business, lively people and like any other highway trans-border town elsewhere, life is full. Bars and Kiosks are open all day through. Beneath, on the East of the hustle and bustling town lies Jinja Tourism City – the Source of the River Nile. There is whole world of choice here with the welcoming beautiful New Bridge that is shared with Buganda Busoga on one side and choices may spoil one. Jinja city may be a shadow of its former self but the residents see the proverbial silver lining in the cloud, in the town’s new identity.

Jinja Tourism city the best white water rafting is found

Closer to home the Nile down river from Jinja offers supper white water rafting and game fishing. It crowning glory, however, is Murchison falls, where the world’s longest river funnels through narrow fissure in the rift escarpment to erupt out of the other side in a crashing 43 meters plume of white water. The river below the falls is no less spectacular in its own way, with its profuse birdlife, thousands of hippos and outsized, gape-mouthed crocodiles

Summary- Make bookings for Uganda safaris for exploring untouched beauty of the beautiful country, the country has so much to offer to its customers that they will have time of their life while exploring the place.

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