Mid-Range Accommodations in Murchison Falls National Park

Mid-range accommodation in Murchison falls national park, are in various locations within and without that a guest can fine and a very reasonable rate to stay for a nights. Are you worried about where to spend a night while in Murchison Falls National Park? Are you looking for mid-range accommodations in Murchison Falls National Park? Do want the safari lodge that has the best view and service in Murchison Falls National Park? Look no further, we shall book and reserve an accommodation site that will create memories while on your visit to this park.

Brief Facts about Murchison falls National Park

Mid-range accommodations in Murchison falls National Park is one of the famous conservation areas in Uganda and Africa at large covering an area of 3840 Square kilometers known to host the world’s most powerful waterfalls Murchison falls traditionally called the Kabalega falls by Bunyoro King called Kabalega. This park also homes four of the big five (Lions, leopards, elephants and Buffalos), different bird species both savanna and water birds, and endless plains.

Amazingly, this park is bisected by River Nile the longest river in the world forming the northern part with savannah vegetation and the southern part with a woodland forest that connects to Budongo forest reserve. There is a lot to do while in the park such as boat cruises, game drives, hiking top of falls, hot air ballooning safari, sport fishing, bird watching and much more.

The Mid-Range accommodations

Therefore for the Mid-range accommodations, there is plenty of them that are all over the park and on both sides that is north and south of the river Nile (Albert Nile). These accommodations inform of tented camps, safari lodges and many more have great facilities with furnished rooms with enough space, the restaurant has wifi connections, Power sockets and with a great view. Some of the lodges have swimming pools for both children and elders. Let’s look at some of the mid range safari lodges.

Fort Murchison safaris lodge

Located on the northern side of Murchison falls National Park and is owned by Dutch nature lovers. This lodge has a great view of the peaceful and slow-flowing Albert Nile which brings the real essence of a holiday in African wildness since it is surrounded by sweeping lush savannah vegetation. Like its looks, it physically explains its name since the structure was built way back in Arabian time. This means that it holds great African history and Uganda in particular. This building looks like the Moroccan Kasbah rooftop terrace. The lodge has 12 en-suite rooms, with hot water showers inside made Eco-solar water heater sand the restaurants offers a variety of foods that are mouth-watering dishes.

Pakuba safari lodge

Is one of the oldest safari lodges in the park and was built near the safari lodge for President Idd Amin Dada which is now a hotspot for giraffes. This lodge is near the Tangi gate of this park and offers a wide range of services on the northern side of the park. The rooms are thatched with grasses in the middle of the Savannahs with a nice view of the surrounding since it’s located in the Albertine rift Valleys. Enjoy the cool breeze from Albert Nile at night which lowers the temperatures at night. The facility has 46 furnished rooms and each has a beautiful view of the Albert Nile, a conference room which accommodates 50 passengers and the kitchen offers both local and internal dishes.

The heritage safari lodge

Is located far from North and the gate used is Tangi gate. You can also come with your tent since it’s having camping site. You can also easily locate the lodge since it’s nearly located at Pakuba airstrip and the rooms are built in true African traditional architecture. The restaurant serves both local and international dishes that are all listed on the Al cart menu and buffet with a well-stocked bar providing hard and soft drinks.

Parkside safari lodge

Located outside the park just five minutes’ drive to the park. There are a lot of wild animals that are spotted while in this lodge since it’s at the edges and boundaries of the park. The buildings are in the African traditional styles offering visitors a sense of being true Africans. All rooms have flush toilets and are well furnished with hot water.

Other midrange accommodations in Murchison Falls National Park are Kabalega wilderness lodge, New Court view hotel, Masindi hotel, Bwana Tembo safari lodge, Amauka safari lodge,

Murchison River lodge that is located on a 30 acre land is well place with good beautiful views of the river Nile over facing the Albert Nile. The Lodge has beautiful cottages in double and sigle rooming, plus grass thatched Tents pitched the suite the guests in the bush

There are many more others that can be chosen while on your Uganda Safari and particularly on your visit to Murchison falls National Park. All you need to do is to contact us to make your dream come true.

Mid-range accommodation in murchison falls national park

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