Mpanga Forest Uganda Excursion

The Mpanga Forest Uganda on excursion located near Mpigi Town 37 km from Kampala City on the Kampala Masaka Highway. It has been a protected facility since 1953 as a scientific research site. The forest occupies an area of 45 sq km. It has over 200 bird species and including the following animals: Bushbuck, Red tailed monkey, Flying squirrels. A visitor can do any of the following activities: Hill climbing, Forest walk, Walk trails, Guided visits to Kiganda shrines at Mpanga Forest Uganda on an excursion


The heritage trail sites commonly referred to as Kabaka’s trail, offer an option for Mpanga Forest Uganda excursions while from Kampala, taking you through the historical culture of the Buganda kingdom, the oldest kingdom of Uganda. You will visit up to six sites showcasing the Buganda heritage and Uganda social life through traditional dances, artifacts, meals, guided walks, medicinal gardens and storytelling. In a day, it is possible to do up to three sites. These three sites tour will take you about 8 hrs after breaking for lunch between the sites. You have an option of taking a Buganda traditional lunch at one of the heritage trails sites.THE SIX SITES INCLUDE:-

1. Nagalabi Buddo, located on Buddo hill-Masaka road. It is the Buganda kings’ coronation site. While there, you will be taken through the king’s coronation tour as it is done whenever the new king goes on power. It is the place where you also listen to the story of the origin of Buganda kingdom and what the names of places in Buganda mean and how they were made up.

2. Katereke prisons ditch, located on Masaka road past Nsangi. It is at this place where you learn the brutal side of the Buganda kings practices where one of the kings prepared a prison ditch for his brothers to ensure that they don’t take the throne from him as new kings. Whoever proved strong or planning to escape was killed or bitten by the snakes that were being reared in the barrier within the ditch around the island where they were kept. At the moment different people come to this place to ask for blessings from their ancestors. On your way to the prison ditch, you will stop at the point where the 1900 agreement was signed between Buganda kingdom and the British government and learn all the background information about this agreement.

3. Suna II wamala tombs, located 30 minutes drive from Kampala along Hoima road on a hill top about 2.5 km after the right turn into the dirt road.

4. Namasole Kanyange cultural center, Namasole is a title given to the queen mother of a king in Buganda culture. This is the tomb of the known beautiful queen mother of suna II buried at wamala. It is located 25 minutes drive from Kampala on Bombo road, turn left at Kagoma trading center.

5. Ssezibwa Falls heritage site, also known as a place of black water, is the location where the Buganda king used to appoint the chiefs. it is located in a i hour minute drive from Kampala off Jinja road. The ssezibwa falls site is now under operations of Ssezibwa Falls resort offering a good picnic site, restaurant overlooking the beautiful view of the falls. The local community normally practices traditional rituals and sacrifices with several shrines in the rocky setting of the area. This black water of the pull bellow the falls is also believed to heal different ailments and gives blessings to the people once bathed in.

6. Bagalayaze Heritage Site, this is the center piece of the Bagalayaze community which is the site of the Nnamasole Bagalayze Tombs where the mother of Kabaka Mwanga II was laid to rest at the beginning of the 20th century – a historically important site for the Kingdom of Buganda. Today, the community uses the enclosure as a cultural centre where they celebrate the people and history. Visitors can enjoy traditional performances, taste authentic Buganda dishes, and hear vividly told stories about the kings and queens of Buganda. In addition to performances and storytelling, visitors can witness and even take part in traditional demonstrations of bark cloth and crafts making. The Bagalayaze Heritage Site is located 1 km from the Mpererwe Trading Centre taxi stage, about a 45-minutes drive from Kampala on Gayaza Road.

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