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In the era of the fastest growing technology, the idea of car rental is blooming. Car hire services in Uganda mean the availability of temporary vehicles that can be used for personal needs such as family trips, business meetings, marriage functions, and leisure holidays. It is also applicable to travelers who are based out of town. The rental services in Uganda also offer a range of benefits like freedom, privacy, affordability, safety, and comfort.

Car rental services are easily available these days and are available in a vivid range to suit all budget types.Passengers have the option of selecting their own car models basis the number of people traveling which fits their trip. Additionally, hiring rental cars also bring about numerous benefits in terms of various offers and discounts. Uganda car rental services are easy to be booked as compared to older days by clicking through the car rental app. To understand some of the key services offered by Car Rental Company are enlisted below:

The Benefit of Car Hire Services in Uganda

Uganda has a number of car rental services that are trustworthy and offer a range of pre-eminent services. In this new age services, self-drive services are also offered in case the travelers meet the company criteria. Some of the key advantages of renting a car in Uganda are.


Car rental services in Uganda offer a range of outstanding transport services that can enhance the quality and flow of your journey. The car hire services let you enjoy a luxury private car that assures a lot of comfort and space to accommodate you as well as your cargo. A vehicle hired car rental in Uganda like Ababa Uganda Safaris, you have the flexibility of changing your plans as you like without limitations.

Fleet options

Hiring a car from Uganda rental services facilitates easy of looking at car descriptions and selecting among a large fleet as per your choice. The major options available include 4×4 vehicles such as super custom, safari min van, land cruiser Prado TX, Landcruiser V8, 4×4 safari land cruiser, Rav 4, and saloon cars. Your requirements state what kind of car you get after factoring in the budget in hand.


With a vehicle hired from Car Rental in Uganda, you have the option of reaching out to distant places and covering even the off-beaten tracks. The car hire service also favors you to select unlimited mileage that allows you to visit and explore any far-off place you want.

Easy on pocket

With such a huge pool of car selection, hiring a car in Uganda can be accomplished at a lot cheaper price. Further, you can customize your requirements as per the number of days you wish to spend on safari. Hiring a car for many days can land you many discount offers. Especially if you are traveling in a group, the rental cost is shared per head which often comes out to be cheaper than traveling by public transport. Further, the costs paired off for external damage if occurred on a car that is hired from a car agency is usually way lesser than what happens to your own car.

Comfort travel

t goes without saying that hiring a car assures great comfort on the trip since the services come with a trained and licensed driver who knows his way around a place that is foreign to you. The driver leads you to popular tourist destinations conveniently, leaving the traffic and roadmap worries for the driver. Any hiccups on the journey such as mechanical breakdowns, or car general maintenance fall on the driver’s end to tackle and manage. Further, the rental cars are maintained and assure great space to cover a long mileage owing to their years of road experience.

Assured performances

Since car rental services are targeted to offer supreme comfort and luxury to travelers, these cars are maintained on a timely basis. These are available in a strong shape which makes them trusted for a drive anywhere across Uganda. Since these cars are tested and serviced after long hours of journey, the chances of a mechanical breakdown are very less.


The Car hire services in Ugandaby Ababa Uganda Safaris are highly convenient and reliable since you can expect nothing less than first-class transport. Those, who are first-time travelers, can go through the testimonials and be assured that the drivers and fleet have a track record of transporting the traveler to their destinations without any safety concerns.

Tips to follow while taking Uganda car rental services

Uganda car rental services by Ababa Uganda Safaris are the most comfortable means for guests to go around and tour the place. The fleet in-house has numerous car options to choose from so that the guests on Uganda safaris can reach their destinations with absolute ease and comfort. However, in case you are hiring rental cars for the first time, it is important to run through different tips discussed below to ensure that you get value for your money and enjoy ultimate freedom while exploring the wilderness of Uganda. Some important factors to put into consideration while availing of car hire services in Uganda are detailed below:


Firstly, it is important to assess your rental car requirements and the purpose for which you need the same. When hiring a car in Uganda, consider the number of people traveling, the luggage size and count, the mileage you wish to cover, etc. in case you are traveling in a bigger group of 25-30 passengers, it is better to pick a coaster bus whereas, for smaller groups ranging from –7 personas, you can pick Land Cruiser or Super Custom fleet options. Be mindful of your comfort purpose and safety while renting a car for an Uganda road trip.

Scan car condition

Irrespective of the destination, always inspect the car’s fitness and make a note of any damage before you head for the journey. Even a small dent or a scratch must be mentioned in the pre-rental form. Ignoring these aspects while hiring a car can lead you to incur extra costs without any fault of your own. Also, check for the fuel gauge to ensure the amount of fuel at the starting point and make sure it is the same as reflected on paper.

Read terms carefully

Apart from the cost, it is important to conduct research on the car hire rates and what is inclusive or exclusive of the cost. Overlooking such menial details can cost you heavily in your pocket. Know that there is no standard cost of car hire in Uganda and car rental prices are completely different from one company to another. So, it is important to conduct detailed research on the rates and what is being offered within the deal. Such research can unfold many hidden costs and can help you make a fair comparison between different car hire agencies in Uganda. Only after such thorough research is when you must pick an affordable car rental agency with the best offers.

Tyres and fitness

While you inspect the fleet that you are getting in your rental, it is only wise to inspect the car tyres and assure that those are in a better state with sufficient tread depth and are well-inflated. The unfit car can be tagged as a breach of the terms and conditions which might add to the cost of your drive-off.

Look for insurance forms

Never hire from a company that is too vague or neglects your safety and insurance. More of the car hire companies have their rental cars insured and a paper containing this usually is attached to the rental agreement. In case of a mishap, some part of the cost is borne by the insurance companies, therefore saving you from a lot of headaches.

Roadside assistance

Confirm if the driver cost is included in the overall cost and if the rental service will include road assistance. When it comes to road trips in Uganda, a car rental service must be backed with immediate breakdown support to save time and energy in case there is an emergency.

Why choose us for car hire services in Uganda?

Availing of Uganda car rental services from Ababa Uganda Safaris is the best decision that you can ever make as an Uganda traveler.
We are a reputed car hire agency with years of experience in offering cars for rent to tourists every year. We have a track record of making journeys memorable and comfortable for our clients. The team at Ababa Uganda Safaris is trusted, recognized, and fully registered. Some of the reasons why you should pick us over our counterparts are:

  • We offer the best quality, reliable and affordable vehicles assuring great leisure and comfort on your travel
  • We follow a simple booking process wherein you can book our services in a few clicks
  • Great choice of the fleet from leading brands with great discounts and offers
  • Pickup and drop services from the airport
  • Transparent cost with no hidden charges
  • Trusted 24/7 roadside assistance for helping our clients in case of breakdown



Our guides and drivers know it all about how it feels to give good service, they are well aware how to take care of your needs during and after the service. With the experience of more that 5 years in the fied trained with defensive driving on our roads, you are safely in the good hands of the professionals, we only request you to enjoy your journey and indeed safe journey back home


Our rates are cost effective and do meet the need of all our clients, the rates will depend on which particular Vehicle you would hire from Ababa Uganda Safaris, this meets the standard of your request to the beginning and end of the trip. Please follow the terms at the end of the rates.

Please Note that Our vehicles are hired with a driver who knows very well our company policy for handling the vehicle, once you need to hire on self-hire drive then we will charge you security fees of the equivalent.

Car Hire & Transfer Rates in Uganda Rate Valid through 2016

Airport Transfers to Hotels Entebbe and Kampala

Vehicle Type Cars in this Category One Way Airport Transfer to Entebbe Hotels One Way Airport Transfer to Kampala Hotels Transfer from one hotel to another Comments if any
Saloon Car T-Premio/T-Allion/T-NZE/T-Wish/ USD $30 per Vehicle USD $50 per Vehicle USD $30 per Vehicle
MINI VAN (6-14 pax) Safari Mini Vans USD $50 per Vehicle USD $70 per Vehicle USD $50 per Vehicle
Mini SUV Rav4/Xtrail/Pajero IO/ USD $90 per Vehicle USD $80 per Vehicle USD $60 per Vehicle
Large SUV (4×4) Prado, Pajero USD $90 per Vehicle USD $80 per Vehicle USD $60 per Vehicle
COSTER (18-22Pax) Buses (18-22pax) USD $150 per Vehicle USD $150 per Vehicle USD $100 per Vehicle

Car Hire Rates Per Day within Kampala or outside Kampala

Vehicle Type Cars in this Category Car Hire with Driver within Kampala (city running) Car Hire with Driver outside Kampala (Up Town running)
Car + Driver Only Car + Driver + Fuel (for Max 100kms per day) Car + Driver Only Car + Driver+ Fuel (for Max 100kms per day)
Saloon Car T-Premio/T-Allion/T-NZE/T-Wish/ USD $40 USD $60 USD $70 USD $130
MINI VAN (6-14 pax) Safari Mini Vans USD $60 USD $95 USD $90 USD $150
Mini SUV Rav4/Xtrail/Pajero IO/ USD $80 USD $130 USD $70 USD $160
Large SUV (4×4) Prado, Pajero USD $110 USD $160 USD $120 USD $200
COSTER (18-22Pax) Buses (18-22pax) USD $150 USD $250 USD $200 USD $350

Comments/Notes if Any regarding above services

  • Fuel Cost is estimated according to the pump rate of the day and distance to cover
  • Rates of Entebbe do Fluctuate as we do not have a fleet of Vehicles in Entebbe we will only work with others partners in Entebbe to have same rate
  • The Rates above include Taxes and service fees
  • The Price of Prado / Pajero Above are for the ordinary Prado to TX and TZ any other Above this e.g VIP, please request for the rate.
  • Rates do change without Prior notice
  • Early Inquiry guarantees the availability of the Vehicle, otherwise late minute booking may lead to a higher rate.
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