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Uganda is known for its diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and abundance of water bodies. Half of Uganda’s land is inhabited by water bodies including the country’s largest water bodies, Lake Victoria. Tourists visiting this nation enjoy a wonderful opportunity of hooking Nile perch, which is the world’s largest freshwater fish species and the most caught fish. Thus, if you are also one who long for this experience, then fishing safaris in Uganda must include on your travel bucket list. Fishing safaris in Uganda offer a unique and exciting experience for fishing enthusiasts, as this country is home to several lakes and rivers providing excellent fishing opportunities. Besides Lake Victoria, other notable fishing spots include Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga, the Nile River, and various smaller lakes and rivers throughout the country. Thus, if you are also planning for a fishing safari tour then book your fishing safari tour from an expert tour operator, Ababa Uganda Safaris.

What makes Uganda a Popular Fishing Safari Destination?

Apart from wildlife safaris, Uganda has also emerged as an ideal fishing destination for worldwide fishing enthusiasts, as one-third of the country is covered by water, giving fishing enthusiasts an ideal opportunity for spot fishing. The country is blessed with the largest lake in Africa, and the second-largest fresh-water bodies in the world. These offer great opportunities for fishing safari at various points in Uganda. Fishing safari tours in Uganda are a lifetime experience that allows visitors to explore amazing fishing spots available in the country. Tourists in their fishing safari tours will adopt modern fishing techniques to ensure safe and sustainable fishing practices. Some other aspects that make Uganda a popular fishing safari destination include:

  • Uganda is blessed with plenty of fishing spots like Murchison Falls, National Park, and Lake Victoria along with several freshwater bodies.
  • Tourists can enjoy fishing safaris all through the year in Uganda but the fishing enthusiasts enjoy this activity from October to March.
  • Uganda’s water bodies are teeming with a wide variety of fish species like Nile Perch, Tilapia, Catfish, Tiger fish, and various types of indigenous fish, making it a haven for fishing enthusiasts.
  • The Nile Perch, which is the most sought-after catch for anglers because of its impressive size, is found in Uganda water bodies.
  • Fishing safaris in Uganda offer a range of fishing techniques such as boat fishing, shore fishing, fly fishing, and even traditional methods like local net fishing to cater to different preferences and skill levels.
  • Experienced guides and fishing experts are available to assist and provide guidance to tourists on Uganda fishing safaris.
  • Fishing safaris in Uganda are not just about the thrill of catching fish but you can also immerse yourself in the country’s breathtaking natural beauty comprising serene waters, lush vegetation, and diverse wildlife that add to the overall experience.
  • Tourists also get to spot birds, hippos, crocodiles, and other wildlife during fishing safari excursions.

Key Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Fishing Safaris Experience in Uganda

Tourists while heading to fishing safaris in Uganda should keep key tips and tricks in mind because this will maximize their fishing safaris experience. With proper planning and preparation, a fishing safari tour in Uganda can be an unforgettable experience filled with fun and excitement. Some of the common considerations while planning Uganda fishing safaris include:

Choose the Right Season

Uganda’s fishing seasons can vary depending on the location and fish species. Research the best time to visit for the type of fish you want to catch. Different seasons may offer different opportunities, so plan accordingly.

Pack the Right Gear

Depending on the fishing techniques and target species, bring appropriate fishing gear. This may include fishing rods, reels, lines, hooks, lures, and other necessary equipment. Consult with your fishing guide of Ababa Uganda Safaris to determine the specific gear requirements.

Dress Appropriately

You are advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear for the fishing safari. Light, breathable clothing and a hat are recommended to protect against the sun. Bring a waterproof jacket or poncho in case of rain. Comfortable shoes with good grip are essential for stability on boats or slippery surfaces.

Stay Hydrated and Protected

You need to carry ample drinking water to stay hydrated throughout your fishing excursion. Additionally, apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Insect repellent is also useful to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

Respect the Environment

Tourists in their Uganda fishing safari tour must practice responsible fishing by following catch-and-release practices unless they plan to consume the fish sustainably. They should minimize the impact on the environment by properly disposing of any waste and avoiding damage to natural habitats.

Vital Factors to Consider Before Heading to Uganda Fishing Safari Tour

To plan a memorable fishing safari tour in Uganda that aligns with your interests and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience you need to keep the following aspects in mind.

The best time to go for a fishing safari tour in Uganda

As per the fishing safari tour experts of Uganda, the best time to enjoy a fishing safari is in the months of July, August, December, January, and February. These months are ideal because these are dry months and water levels are low making fishing a great experience in Uganda.

Minimum and Maximum number of Anglers on a boat in Uganda fishing safari

On a one fishing boat, a minimum of 1 angler and a maximum of 4 anglers can fish on a one fishing boat, provided they are experienced otherwise two anglers are recommended on a fishing boat.

Things to pack for the fishing safari tour in Uganda

Tourists are recommended to pack all necessary items like medications, sun tan lotion, mosquito spray, spare batteries for cameras along with hats, sunglasses, creams, safari boots, and lightweight and light-colored clothes, rain jackets, and sweaters for the evening.

Adhere to the fishing regulations

Tourists while visiting Uganda for an amazing fishing safari tour should familiarize themselves with fishing regulations and licensing requirements. Tourists must obtain essential permits and adhere to the fishing guidelines set by the authorities.

hing on the Nile for the perch is an interesting adventure in Uganda. There are lots of areas for fishing around the country that include: Near Ssese Islands, Fish of over 80 kg – 100kg have been caught here. The main method of fishing in the lake is trolling with lures, though fly fishing has been tried as live bait. Apart from the Nile perch, local tilapias of up to 5kg have been caught. In the Nile River, below Murchison Falls, the fishing is normally with live bait, and catfish of over 50kg also caught here on the Nile River.

8 Days Fishing Safaris in Uganda

Day 1: Transfer to the Hotel

On your arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you will be met by your safari guide who will transfer you to a hotel in Either Entebbe or Kampala depending on where you prefer to stay this Night.

Day 2: From Kampala / Entebbe – Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

After breakfast early in the morning at 07:30am, start a drive with your guide from Kampala to North words through Uganda’s rolling green hills to Murchison falls National Park. A break for Lunch enroute and In the late afternoon we will descend to the base of Murchison falls and fish the evening for three hours.

A relative level of fitness will be required as the decent is relatively steep. In the dramatic pools below the legendary waterfall we will be targeting the large Nile Perch which have been caught in these waters over 100 Kilos. We will proceed to cross River if you are to stay across for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Whole day fishing in Murchison Falls

This morning you will transfer by boat near the bottom of the falls to fish on the river Nile on the renowned Murchison falls to catch the Nile perch and other species of which several of then can be taken on a fly method including the Awaka a small tiger and the Ungara. You will spend the whole day fishing on the boat and the shore. The boat trip is also excellent for game viewing as you will be fishing in one of the best game areas on the Nile which can prove very exciting moments, return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4: Second day of Fishing in Murchison Falls

Today we will fish the big pools below the falls with lures, live bait and flies for the large perch. Again there are other species that can provide excellent sport. We will take a picnic lunch and plenty of cold drinks and spend the whole day here.

Day 5: Visit the Top of the fall and transfer to Entebbe via Kampala

After breakfast, drive to the top of the falls and proceed later to Entebbe via Kampala for lunch, if time is still early we can drop by to the art market for you to purchase a souvenir, check in to you hotel for dinner and over night.

Day 6: Lake Victoria fishing safari

You will be served with your breakfast today and later transfer to the biggest lake Victoria to get ready for a boat fishing this day, spend the whole day here and also reach to Ngamba Islands to visit the orphaned Chimpanzees return to your hotel for Dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Lake Victoria fishing safari

Spend the whole day on Lake Victoria and all the neighboring Island of Lake Victoria sampling out for different fish here then returning early to Entebbe in the late afternoon, relax at the swimming pool then dinner and overnight.

Day 8: From your hotel transfer to the Airport

You will have breakfast and depending on you flight time, transfer to the airport to catch your flight back home.

Quotation Includes

All accommodations and meals as per itinerary, All airport transfers, Customized 4WD safari vehicle with photographic roof hatch, Services of a private professional safari guide throughout, All National Park entry fees, Game drive and Nature walk in Murchison falls Np, Mineral water while in a trip, Full time English Speaking Guide.


Optional activities, International airfare and flights, Alcoholic beverages and drinks while in camps, Laundry services, all items of a personal nature, Gratuities to safari guide, Airport departure taxes, Travel Insurance, Visa and visa fees.

Why Ababa Uganda Safaris Proves to be the Ultimate Choice for Your Fishing Safari Tour?

If your motive is to enjoy the Uganda fishing safari tour to the fullest, then Ababa Uganda Safaris is your ultimate destination for a memorable fishing safari tour. We, at Ababa Uganda Safaris, are your reliable and trusted tour partner taking you on an exceptional fishing safari tour. If fun and excitement are the aspects that you are looking for, then we allow you to unlock the magical experience of a fishing safari. Reasons why Ababa stands out as the perfect choice for a fishing safari adventure include:

  • Ababa provides experienced fishing guides who are well-versed in local fishing practices and safety protocols. These guides have comprehensive knowledge of the fishing grounds, fish behavior, and effective techniques. Besides, they also offer valuable tips, instructions, and guidance throughout your fishing safari.
  • Fishing safaris involve various factors such as boat usage, changing weather conditions, and potential risks. We prioritize safety and maintain proper safety measures during fishing expeditions and ensure that boats are well-maintained, equipped with necessary safety gear, and operated by experienced boatmen.
  • We customize fishing safari itineraries based on your preferences, budget, and desired duration. Whether you’re looking for a single-day excursion or a multi-day fishing adventure, we can design an itinerary that suits your needs.
  • We consider diverse factors such as fishing spots, accommodation options, and additional activities to create a well-rounded fishing safari experience.
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