Kenya Safari Holiday Packages

Located in East Africa, Kenya borders the Indian Ocean. It is strategically located right on the Equator and derives its name from Mount Kenya. This word originated probably from the Kikuyu and Kamba languages and signifies the meaning of ‘God’s resting place’. Kenya sports a tropical climate along the coast and across the highlands it has an arid climate. Further, this destination sports two rainy seasons, first are the “long rains” which generally fall between March and June and the next one comes between November and December and is termed “short rains”. February is the hottest month and the coldest month is July.

What are Kenya Safari Packages?

Kenya’s owing to its flourishing flora and fauna offers a much-varied landscape. Therefore, it is a great place for carrying out thrilling safari activities. Travelers get attracted to its most remote and isolated regions under the guidance of tribesmen who are also known as the natural wanderers. The safari packages also offer the luxury of taking Helicopter flights to direct reach at pristine shores of the high-altitude lakes around Mount Kenya.

Kenya Safari tour packages involve transfers by air from Nairobi to the parks and conservancies. This, therefore, cuts out long-hour journeys that involve covering the entire country and offers the traveler much more time to view wildlife. Our extremely friendly and experienced Safari Consultants always remain on their toes to help and advise travelers in planning their safari and taking up all the arrangements for the selected chosen itinerary.

Benefits of Kenya Tour Packages

As a leading Kenya Travel Consultant, we offer travel services to our clients. We are experienced and skilled in planning your trip on your behalf which minimizes your time and efforts in thinking about options sitting remotely. Some of the benefits of booking Kenya Tour packages with us include:

Well-planned excursion

Our team of experts is dedicated to simplifying and clearing up the process to make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf to support your travel. This will include transfers, lodging, activities, and even meals.

Best Price Guaranteed

We offer high-quality travel and safari packages in Kenya at the best possible price that does not burn a hold in your pocket but definitely fills your heart with content at the end of a satisfactory trip.

Expert Travel Advice

Especially if it is your first time traveling to Kenya, you must hire a trusted and reliable travel agency to gather expert travel advice. We have years of experience to be your trusted travel partner on your next travel to Kenya.

All round support

Availing of Kenya tour packages will keep you in safe hands where you need not worry about traveling. Even if you are a solo/female traveler, you will have our online system open 24/7 to solve your problems.

Tips to follow while buying Kenya Safari Packages

For booking Kenya Safari Packages, there are a number of factors to consider. Surely every travel booking will cost you your time, money and definitely a lifetime experience. Booking a tour operator in a rush can ruin your journey and you may face a lot of hiccups. Follow some below-mentioned tips to ensure that your planning is foolproof:

Confirm the price

Always confirm and grill the operator about the actual cost of the package and what it includes. You will find a Budget for a high-end safari, and you have to pick one depending on how much you want to spend. Safari cost analysis is the main factor for your decision-making in the booking process. Confirm how much does an expertly curated luxury Kenya safari cost? Also confirm charges on to go, including meals, accommodation, transfers, etc.

How many days are enough?

Always confirm how many days will be required to cover major ground on Kenya wildlife Safari. Tour operators generally recommend safari for a time period ranging between 4 -10 days to have a real-life experience. This helps them cover major spots without rushing their travel and having a real handshake with lots of wildlife and nature at once.

Type of Safari Offered

Certainly, this should be asked before booking with any of the safari tour operators. Before booking your Kenya Safari, the most important thing is to know how much ground will it cover. Some operators are specialized in offering safari of different kinds or with certain inclusions. This will help you relax and also speed up the organizing process. You can confirm a family safari, honeymoon safari, luxury safari, budget safari, etc.

Help in getting tour visas

Always book with a travel agent who can guide you best about the process of getting an entry visa. This process is important while planning for the Kenya Safari Tours. There are many operators that can offer you up close guidance or sometimes process the entire visa fetching formalities on your behalf. They often apply for visas online on your behalf or can help you get them when you arrive at the airport.

Check for add-on activities during the safari

Keep your options and minds open to trying out something additional than just a mundane Kenya wildlife excursion. You can ask about inclusions like visiting a local school to know the local culture, hill trekking, walking safari, mountain climbing, etc.

Travel Insurance

Last but not the least, always book a tour operator that has the backing of a reliable travel insurance company. This is pivotal to ensure that your safari remains in safe hands. Also, it is important to follow the local travel rules set by the government which will make the insurance valid in case you need to claim it, which is not a usual occurrence.

How to find the best Kenya tour packages?

The best recommendation can be the best advice for choosing a trustworthy and informed local tour operator for making a Kenya safari reservation. Search online and read reviews to ensure that the agency can help you save and have the experience and knowledge of different attractions. Check if the agency caters to your logistical needs, which include airport pickups, game drives, hotel transfers, trip photos, tour guides, lunches, park fees, and more.

Further, there are many travel agents who offer free consultations so that you can enquire about the country’s attractions and the best times to visit certain areas. These operators are best to formulate a customized and befitting itinerary of the places and activities that you wish to get included in your itinerary.

Why book Kenya tour packages with us? is one of the leading safari operators in Kenya. We have set a benchmark for offering some commendable services and safari experiences to our clients over the past few years. We design your safari in the style you prefer, keeping your timelines and budget in mind. Our reputation is impeccable and we operate a legally registered travel agency.

Kenya Tour Packages FAQ:

What is the climate of Kenya like?

Temperatures in Kenya are quite dramatic since the highlands can turn cooler as compared to coastal and lowland regions.

What are the luggage restrictions for a Kenyan safari tour?

For a Kenyan safari tour, the major items to pack in your luggage must be camera equipment and hand luggage. The weight of the luggage is a maximum of 20 kg / 44 lbs per person. For internal flights, a traveler is allowed to carry 15 kg / 33 lbs.

I wish to avail one of the Kenya tour packages, what are my visa requirements?

For the Kenya tour, the visa requirements are not very complex. You need to apply for a visa which can be processed and issued within 3 days. The process of availing of a visa is pretty straightforward and can be accomplished online. The basic requisites of applying for and getting a visa include a valid passport, travel insurance proof, and the latest photograph. In addition to this, you might be required to furnish evidence of the activities that you are planning in Kenya, which include showing hotel reservations or an itinerary. Make sure you have all the documents handy before applying for a visa since looking for missing information can be tough once you’ve started.

What should I pack for a Kenyan safari tour?

Since it is a wildlife safari, some of the essentials to pack include hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first-aid kit.

What is the best time for a Kenya safari tour?

If you are planning to buy Kenya tour packages, the best time to plan is from June to October. This time is clean with no rain and moderate daytime temperature.

What is the best month to go on a safari in Kenya?

To book Kenya safari packages, the most suitable time falls between January and February owing to its favorable weather. Also, this is the best time for animal spotting. June to October is also the best month range to witness annual wild beast migration. Avoid planning Kenya travel from March to May because is the heavy rainy season.

How is the wildlife viewing in Kenya?

Kenya is known as one of the most renowned and accessible wildlife-rich destinations in Africa. It offers a range of thrilling and exceptional experiences to view a variety and density of wildlife, which include the “Big Five”. These animals comprise African buffalo, lion, elephant, rhinoceros, and leopard.

How do I pick a trustworthy Kenya tour company?

In order to book a reliable tour operator in Kenya, you need to check out some of the factors which include:

  • Their reputation online can be assessed through their testimonials
  • Overall pricing and inclusions. Transparency in the itinerary is another important factor to select or reject a tour operator for your Kenya safari
  • Their contribution to minimizing global impact and carbon offsetting
  • A tour operator who makes your journey less of a touristy experience
  • Considering their take and sentiment about animal welfare
  • Hire someone as local as possible

What type of accommodation can I expect on a safari?

Depending on which tour operator you are booking, you can expect simple dome tents to luxurious, classic-style safari tents. Be open to the possibility that there won’t be running water facilities and you have to bucket showers and will be getting very short drops for loos. Meals are mostly served out in open under the open sky for complete wildlife adventure and fee.

What kind of hospitality can I imagine when on a safari?

For your first Kenya wildlife safari, you should get yourself prepared to have long, packed days. Definitely, there are planned rests and relaxation along with additional optional activities. You can confirm with your tour operator if it offers additional programs at lodges or camps such as specialist sanctuary visits, local village visits, or additional game-viewing experiences.

What is the best time to book Kenya safari packages?

Kenya safari packages must be booked during the Dry season which starts in June and ends in October in case you wish to have the best wildlife viewing months. This is a time when wildebeest migration reaches Masai Mara in August and remains there until October post when they migrate back to Serengeti in Tanzania.

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