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The tag “Pearl of Africa” given by Winston Churchill to Uganda proves every bit true due to its mesmerizing landscapes and an extraordinary variety of plants and animals. Uganda is not just blessed with multiple national parks, mountains, lakes, and rivers but the country also has the largest number of endangered mountain gorillas and is also the best place to spot tree-climbing lions, making this country the best wildlife safari destination.

Uganda wildlife safari tour is full of adventure and excitement, as right from gorilla trekking, spotting specialty game animals, and watching extraordinary species of birds to enjoying several adventurous sports, there seems to be no end to the Uganda wildlife tour. If excited reading about Uganda and its primary attractions, then Ababa Uganda Safaris takes you on a Uganda wildlife safari tour to give your mind and soul an altogether different experience, and that too within your budget.

What are Uganda Wildlife Safaris and Tours?

Uganda is bestowed with an amazing variety of wildlife, from tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park to giraffes in Murchison falls national park to cheetahs in Kidepo valley national park along with several other interesting wildlife species like zebras, roan antelopes, buffaloes, elephants, etc. that can be discovered at the diverse national parks of the country. An Uganda wildlife safari is a memorable tour that travelers can embark upon to witness abundant wildlife sightings in the innumerable national parks and game reserves of the country.

Uganda rewards tourists with an amazing wildlife safari experience, as this country is blessed with the rarest forest primates along with savannah mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and many others. Some top wildlife safari destinations in Uganda include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls national park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, etc.

Why choose Uganda for Wildlife Safari Packages?

Uganda is undoubtedly the most wonderful safari destination having spectacular yet undiscovered wildlife species. The Uganda wildlife safari tour is a perfect collage of beautiful scenery, sparkling crater lakes, rolling hills, abundant wildlife, adrenaline-rush activities, and above all the endangered mountain gorillas.

Recently featured as a top tourist destination in National Geographic, Uganda is a country of many surprises. Visitors who are looking for adventure in Uganda can plan a wildlife tour with us for the best and most memorable experience.  Some of the reasons behind planning a visit to Uganda for wildlife safaris include:

  • Uganda is a top-most wildlife safari destination for visitors who love to witness animals like lions, elephants, leopards, zebras, giraffes, hippos, cheetahs, buffalo, and many others in their natural habitat. It is just a completely different and memorable experience compared to seeing them at the Zoo.
  • Uganda is endowed with a spectacular diversity of wildlife, as the country hosts ten national parks where some world’s rarest species of wildlife are discovered.
  • Uganda wildlife safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that allows visitors to experience more than 300 mammal species and over 1000 bird species that can be easily in the national parks and other game reserves of the country.
  • The rarest tree-climbing lion is a popular tourist attraction and is a prime reason for innumerable visitors planning an Uganda tour for wildlife safaris. These lions can be seen lying upon the branches of trees having a nap during a mid-morning game drive.
  • The Uganda wildlife safari tour is a bucket-list opportunity for experiencing and trekking the rare mountain gorillas and chimpanzees that are hard to discover anywhere else.

What is the best time to go on Uganda Wildlife Safaris?

Tourists planning wildlife expeditions in the best safari destinations of Uganda can plan Uganda budget safari tour with Ababa Uganda Safaris. Uganda wildlife safari is still untouched by the majority of tourists who can plan an Uganda tour to discover this amazing country full of many surprises.  Uganda can be visited all year round, as the temperature remains the same throughout the season.

However, the best to go on Uganda wildlife safaris is during its two dry seasons that is between December and February, and between June and August. During these periods conditions are particularly good for trekking to experience mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Between February and March, visitors will also get to enjoy game spotting in national parks.  In Uganda, large numbers of wildlife are seen at waterholes from September to early October.

Top Uganda Wildlife Safari Packages offered by Ababa Uganda Safaris

Uganda is blessed with some amazing and interesting safari attractions and scenic landscapes and this tiny is slowly and steadily grabbing the attention of worldwide tourists. Uganda wildlife safari tour let tourists explore the wilderness and experience the remarkable flora and fauna the country is known to have.

Exploring all of Uganda’s attractions in a single tour is simply not possible, so we at, Ababa Uganda Safaris offer some well-planned Uganda safari and tour packages that are sure to provide tourists with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Some of the top wildlife safari packages offered by Ababa include:

Three Days Two Nights Murchison Falls Safari Tour

Tourists who are on a short Uganda tour and have limited time can book this tour of three days. A trip to Uganda’s largest national park, Murchison Falls National park will be the best for sightseeing the big five animals.

Three Days Two Nights Masai Mara Kenya Safari Tour

It is another interesting wildlife safari tour in which tourists are full day involved in activities like morning and afternoon safari game drives along with our experienced English-speaking guide.

Three Days Gorilla Trekking Safari Bwindi Tour

The budget wildlife safari tour of Bwindi National part is an amazing experience because the thrill of spending time witnessing these endangered giants is simply awesome, which tourists will be savored for a long time.

Fourteen Days Uganda & Rwanda Primate Safari Tour

This wildlife safari tour will be a long-cherished experience for the visitors where they will experience the big 5 sightseeing, primate tour, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, and a great variety of birds.

Nine Days Rwenzori Mountaineering Safari Tour

The mountaineering safari tour of nine days includes hiking activity at the Rwenzori central circuit that allows tourists to closely witness the peaks and glaciers of the main peak.

Five Days L.Mburo, Bwindi & L.Bunyonyi Safari Tour

The five days wildlife safari tour is, all in all, a fun-filled and thrilling experience where tourists get involved in a variety of adventurous activities such as game drives, boat cruises in Lake Mburo,  gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and canoe ride in Lake Bunyonyi.

Five Days Bwindi & Queen Elizabeth NP Safari Tour

Tourists who have visited Uganda for its incredible biodiversity will surely relish this safari tour that takes them to Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Park and let them enjoy a game drive, boat launch, and gorilla tracking.

Four Days Wildlife & Gorilla Uganda Safari Tour

This exciting and budget-friendly Uganda safari tour package will allow tourists to experience Queen Elizabeth national park and get up-close with gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest which is by far the most amazing experience. Tourists also get to see primates and the big five animals.

Why book Uganda Wildlife Safaris and Tours Packages from Ababa Uganda Safaris?

To explore and experience Uganda at its best, tourists need to book a wildlife safari tour from a company that knows the place well and has been designing exciting and amazing tour packages. Ababa Uganda Safaris is revered as the best and leading tour operator offering some amazing budget safari packages to cater to travelers of every budget.

We also hold great expertise in organizing tailor-made safari itineraries for visitors of all budgets and demands. Some of the prominent reasons to book Uganda wildlife safari tour packages from Ababa Uganda Safaris include:

  • We design a magical safari vacation tailored around visitor’s interests and budget
  • Our wildlife safari tours will provide a glimpse of Uganda’s remarkable diverse culture and will also allow tourists to experience nature at its best, and discover abundant wildlife.
  • With our well-planned safari tour will get to experience endangered gorillas and can also have a glimpse of the chimpanzees and the rarest species of birds.
  • Tourists in our wildlife safari tour will also enjoy the best of adventurous life by engaging in water sports activities like white water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, and boat safaris.
  • We offer the best wildlife safari packages that include primates tracking such as mountain gorilla tracking, chimp tracking, or golden monkey tracking safari.

Uganda Wildlife Tours

Incredible Wildlife Safari Packages

Our Uganda wildlife safaris offer adventure, picturesque settings, extraordinary wildlife, Wildlife safaris in Ugandaand much more! Uganda is a dream ‘safari holiday destination’ for anyone who is looking for real African safari. Ababa Uganda Safaris offers the best professional traveling advice on Ugandan safaris and tours and provides highly experienced safari guides to make your safari experience memorable.

For wild nature undertakers, we offer exclusively remarkable Uganda wildlife Safari packages including; primates tracking such as a mountain Gorilla trek, chimp tracking or golden monkey tracking safaris.

We are on our move to offer you best selections to top Uganda wildlife safari destinations at discounted prices. We will satisfactorily fulfill your holiday dream!

Most of our safari itineraries are tailor-made to suit the interest and flexibility of our clients with regard to your budget and your suitable time to undertake a safari of your lifetime. Our continuous and satisfactory involvement in crafting great Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya wildlife tours for over a decade has commended us to many of our tourists who have had chance to book a safari with us.

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