They are called in one of the local languages here “Ikwenyi” in Ateso and in Luganda they are “Ebinyonyi” (Birds)…. These birds are found all all over Uganda Birding Safaris increased trails, however each region and National park have a particular or common species of birds.

Uganda Birding Safaris increased to over a 1060 or this are recorded and some of them are migratory birds from Europe or that have been included in the record. Nature supports the presence of the birds in an area, but human activities, especially the forests clearing, have had a tremendous effect on the abundance and distribution of Ugandan birds. Some of the Ubiquitous, open country species, like the common bulbul and the Mousebird have been able to proliferate and to extend their distribution widely, but many forest species are now confined to small relict patches of forests. Until now now species has been extinct though the Crown crane is thought to be going to extinction if Uganda does not do a lot of effort to protect it.

On start of the Bird watching safari, one of the first impression is the many abundant birds all the way from Entebbe to Kampala Surrounding. Small birds like sparrows, bright yellow weavers, metallic blue sterling and colorful sunbirds are every where.

Uganda has 10 national parks, of which this common experience of bird watching takes place, it would be nice that one combines watching birds with mammals would be added true African safari.
Lake Mburo, one of the smallest park and found on the western route of Uganda, will connect before to Mambamba for the Shoe bill, Bwindi Forest National park, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, and Kibale Forest National Park for the forest Birds. Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo, and Murchison falls server the best open savannah, Moutains of Rwenzori and Elgon for those that enjoy birding while hikking on the mountain. Semuliki National Park combines both some species from the Congo DRC on the Albertine rift.

The Brief information about Uganda give you an insight what you would expect, but the best is to widely open up your mind and get more information to know the more bird species in Uganda… Enjoy your birding experience in Uganda with the bird experts.

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