Uganda Early Inhabitants history

The early inhabitants of what is now Uganda came under the influence Uganda Early Inhabitants history from Egyptian civilization around 3500 years ago. Powerful kingdoms then emerged, warring tribes, the principles ones being the Banyoro Kitara and Baganda. The first Europeans to enter the territory were the British explorer John Speke, in 1862, who was responsible for identifying the source of the Nile. Anglican missionaries followed in his awake. The British established a protectorate in 1894 and British administration continued until the country was given independence in 1962.

Milton Obote became the Prime Minister, but factional in-fighting flared and a few years later Obote outlawed opposition, all thi came as a result of the early Uganda Early Inhabitants History and Uganda declared a republic and became a president, Major General Idi Amin led Uganda through its darkest years when he seized power in 1971, ruling with tyrannical force. He was ousted in 1979 and after three short term presidents, Obote returned from exile to power in 1980. real peace was not to return, however until the accession of president Museveni, who brought about a gradual process of ethnic reconciliation

This therefore has brought me the development of a number of industries and increased number of tourism activities in the country due to the presence of good security.

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