Uganda Hot Balloon Experience
Uganda Hot Balloon Experience

Uganda Hot Balloon Experience in Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda hot balloon Experience in Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda safaris has never experience the flying with a balloon, yet a again it was the affair of Kenyans and Tanzania, all the way to South Africa and across to Egypt. Flying up high in the skies above the Murchison falls National Park the largest in Uganda that acquired its name from the falls that drops down from 50 meters to form river Nile is amazing and authentic Uganda tour safari experience.

The landscape below that never ends is exciting mixture of wildlife of different species, bird life flying around, sprawling savannas, weaseling acacia and borassus palm trees beautifying the largest area of the park will the Nile Sparkling the longest part of the park.

Against a backdrop of stunning sunrises, hot-air balloon flights in the Murchison Falls National park give you a unique vantage point of the abundant wildlife living below.

Flying high to experience Murchison Falls National Park

There is really nothing quite like the feeling of freedom and exhilaration you get when flying high above the Uganda park. The idea of waking up at the crack of dawn during your vacation may sound less than pleasant. However the rewards of embarking on this high flying adventure greatly outweigh the inconvenience of setting your alarm clock for somewhere between 4.00 – 5.00 Am.

Your guide will transfer you to the point where the balloon will be launched as you begin to fill the anticipation grow with in you. While you enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea, the balloon crew will inflate your balloon and prepare everything for take-off. Once the balloon is filled and you have climbed into the basket beneath it, before, take off your pilot will give a short briefing then the balloon will go into motion to the air. As the sun begins to rise in a stunning color show of fiery reds and golds, your balloon will slowly rise to the skies.

The Great River Nile, Wildlife Hot air ballooning Experience in Murchison Falls National Park

When you visit Murchison falls National Park between the months of June to September, you will have a chance view wildlife and river Nile that joins the Albert Nile while flying above Murchison falls National Park Savannah land.

Other exciting Uganda Hot Balloon Experience are sights to behold include watching the big cats like the lions hunting their prey, spotting leopards perched up high in the acacia tree and seeing active hyena roaming around. Every hot air balloon flight brings with it the opportunity to see new and exciting sights below.

Your pilot will make sure to fly lower at times to allow for the best possible pictures to be taken.

Balloon Experience in Murchison Falls National Park , can only be used for a limited number of hours before they need replacing. After approximately 850 flight hours, balloons are retired and a new hot balloon must be purchased in order to guarantee the safety of those who board a balloon. Crews are made up of six crew members and a licensed balloon pilot.

An additional ten people behind the scenes per balloon are responsible for getting each hot air balloon airborne. In total, this adds up to quite a group of people whose livelihoods depend on the proceeds from hot air balloon flights. In addition to this, each hot air balloon flight requires recovery vehicles, transfer vehicles and back-up operations. To top this off, a large portion of the hot air balloon flight Rate are made up of conservation fees.

Included in the price for a balloon safari are:

  • Transfer from your safari camp or lodge
  • Approximately one hour hot air balloon flight
  • Champagne style bush breakfast
  • Transfer back to camp after breakfast
  • Conservancy or national reserve landing fees


How to Plan and Experience Balloon safari in Murchison Falls National Park

When you pick up interest to go for a safari Experience in this place, we will a departure to Either Murchison falls National Park or Queen Elizabeth National a balloon safari from the lodge that is booked for in advance. We strongly recommend booking a balloon safari in advance, as it helps plan in advance. Please remember to bring some warm clothing, and a bag in which you can secure camera, binoculars, and other personal items.

Balloon experience here may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.  Naturally, safety is top priority to the hot air ballooning crew, so if weather conditions aren’t favorable your flight may be cancelled. If this occurs, you will be scheduled for a later flight whenever is possible.




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