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Book Kenya Safari package with a variety of tourist attractions in the country. It has an area of 582,644 sq. km and is bisected by the Equator with the Great Rift Valley running through the highlands from north to south. This country is blessed with a variety of traditions and cultures as followed by the ancient groups like the Masai and Bantu groups like the Kikuyu.

Kenya offers vast Savannah grasslands that are ideal for big game drives, intriguing cultural tours to understand the unchanged traditions & rituals of natives, beautiful beaches and coral reefs, equatorial forests, awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya hiking, desert-like adventure, scenic highland areas and many other such breathtaking traveling experiences.

Ababa Uganda Safaris organizes safaris to the most popular Kenyan national parks & cultural sites to provide an unforgettable time in Kenya.

Facts about Kenya

Capital City: Nairobi (3.36 million inhabitants, 2011)
Total Area: 581,309 km²
Area under water: 13,370 km²
Population: 38 million inhabitants (2009 Census)
Languages: English and Swahili.
Religions: Christianity is the most followed religion in Kenya. There is also a good number of indigenous religion followers in the country whereas Muslim community is largely based along the coastal areas.
Government: Republic.
Independence Date: 12 December, 1963
Industry: Tourism, processed food, brewing, vehicles and accessories, cotton and textile, cement and construction materials, chemicals, etc.

Agriculture: Coffee, Tea, Cotton, Sisal, Tobacco, etc.

Climate: Tropical

History of Kenya

Kenya got independence from the British Rule in 1963, which happened after Jomo Kenyatta (of the KANU party) was elected as the first President of Kenya and ruled until his death in 1978. The country has since enjoyed economic development and stability.

Climate of Kenya

Kenya has favorable climatic conditions with no appreciable change in the temperature throughout the year. Though the best time to visit here is from July to September. The slightly cooler weather is observed from June-end till October. Long rainy season is from mid – March to May and the “short rains” are seen from June to October, whereas, relatively hotter months are from December – March. In the Lake Victoria region, altitude is the principal determinant of precipitation. The high attitude areas (over 1,500 m) in the central Kenya highlands usually experience substantial rainfall, reaching over 2,000 mm per year in some parts of the Mau escarpment.

Book Kenya Safari Package with wildlife

The country has plenty of big game in its 22 National parks and 28 national reserves making it possible to sight most of the big five animals which include: Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephants and Rhino. The scenic landscapes, unique geographical features, and numerous species of flora & fauna present a pristine experience to the visitors, which is quite difficult to replicate. The Kenyan wilderness is home to endless types of ecosystems that encompass many secrets which are as old as the human history itself!

There is plenty to explore & encounter in this enchanting land. The vast open Savannah grasslands are ideal to spot different species of mammals & birds.


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