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Affordable Uganda car hire services – Uganda car hire rentals Kampala

Best Affordable and reliable car rentals Kampala Uganda

We believe in value for money and provision of good service. Every guest would like to have the most reliable and comfortable vehicle for hire to visit different destinations or go on safari to all the many National Parks in Uganda. To meet this response to our client’s needs, the company has introduced a big fleet of different types of vehicles and very strict vehicle replacement policy that ensures a young fleet at all times is available.

Our well maintained fleets of cars range from Saloon, Mini Van that have a capacity of 9-14 seating arrangement, Coaster (25-28 Seater) and the Safari converted 4-wheel drive vehicles with maximum space for 5 – 8 seating arrangement and comfort; all of them have a roof hatch, sliding windows to facilitate good viewing and very convenient for photography during game drives. In all, the growth of our fleet has enabled Ababa Uganda Safaris to have extra cars for hire and to ensure that our clients have satisfactory provision of service.

In addition, we have ensured that there is instant assistance for a stand by rescue team that is always ready to help replace vehicles on safari that get mechanical mishap. These support services are essential as far as maintenance of Ababa Uganda Safaris standard is concerned.



Our guides and drivers know it all about how it feels to give good service, they are well aware how to take care of your needs during and after the service. With the experience of more that 5 years in the fied trained with defensive driving on our roads, you are safely in the good hands of the professionals, we only request you to enjoy your journey and indeed safe journey back home


Our rates are cost effective and do meet the need of all our clients, the rates will depend on which particular Vehicle you would hire from Ababa Uganda Safaris, this meets the standard of your request to the beginning and end of the trip. Please follow the terms at the end of the rates.

Please Note that Our vehicles are hired with a driver who knows very well our company policy for handling the vehicle, once you need to hire on self hire drive then we will charge you security fees of the equivalent.

Car Hire & Transfer Rates in Uganda Rate Valid through 2016

Airport Transfers to Hotels Entebbe and Kampala

Vehicle Type Cars in this Category One Way Airport Transfer to Entebbe Hotels One Way Airport Transfer to Kampala Hotels Transfer from one hotel to another Comments if any
Saloon Car T-Premio/T-Allion/T-NZE/T-Wish/ USD $30 per Vehicle USD $50 per Vehicle USD $30 per Vehicle
MINI VAN (6-14 pax) Safari Mini Vans USD $50 per Vehicle USD $70 per Vehicle USD $50 per Vehicle
Mini SUV Rav4/Xtrail/Pajero IO/ USD $90 per Vehicle USD $80 per Vehicle USD $60 per Vehicle
Large SUV (4×4) Prado, Pajero USD $90 per Vehicle USD $80 per Vehicle USD $60 per Vehicle
COSTER (18-22Pax) Buses (18-22pax) USD $150 per Vehicle USD $150 per Vehicle USD $100 per Vehicle

Car Hire Rates Per Day within Kampala or outside Kampala

Vehicle Type Cars in this Category Car Hire with Driver within Kampala (city running) Car Hire with Driver outside Kampala (Up Town running)
Car + Driver Only Car + Driver + Fuel (for Max 100kms per day) Car + Driver Only Car + Driver+ Fuel (for Max 100kms per day)
Saloon Car T-Premio/T-Allion/T-NZE/T-Wish/ USD $40 USD $60 USD $70 USD $130
MINI VAN (6-14 pax) Safari Mini Vans USD $60 USD $95 USD $90 USD $150
Mini SUV Rav4/Xtrail/Pajero IO/ USD $80 USD $130 USD $70 USD $160
Large SUV (4×4) Prado, Pajero USD $110 USD $160 USD $120 USD $200
COSTER (18-22Pax) Buses (18-22pax) USD $150 USD $250 USD $200 USD $350

Comments/Notes if Any regarding above services

  • Fuel Cost is estimated according to the pump rate of the day and distance to cover
  • Rates of Entebbe do Fluctuate as we do not have a fleet of Vehicles in Entebbe we will only work with others partners in Entebbe to have same rate
  • The Rates above include Taxes and service fees
  • The Price of Prado / Pajero Above are for the ordinary Prado to TX and TZ any other Above this e.g VIP, please request for the rate.
  • Rates do change without Prior notice
  • Early booking guarantees the availability of the Vehicle, otherwise late minute booking may lead to a higher rate.
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