Tsavo national park

Tsavo national park

Tsavo National park is one of the largest parks which is divided by Nairobi – Mombasa high way, with some of the most magnificent natural views are unfolded standing at 22,000 km² (13,671 miles). Hippopotamus and crocodiles abound – enjoy viewing through a glassy observation point inside the pools, and the cool banks that are a favorite point for countless baboons and monkeys and also well know for its largest numbers of Elephants and captivating landscape. The acacia umbrella shaped cover is a cover to the animals that come to rest here during the heated sun raise.

Species:  The Savannah vast grass with the beautiful acacia umbrella shaped cover. Tsavo National Park is well known for Aruba dam, Mudanda rock, and longest lava flow in the world, This park also is a home of African Big 5 that includes The black Rhino, Buffalo, Leopards, Lions, and Elephants. The park also has more grazers like zebras, giraffes, wildebeest and many more.

Activities: Visits to Mzima Springs, where jungle like vegetation surrounds the crystal springs that pump out millions of gallons of clear cool water .the source of Mombasa’s drinking water! is a must visit. Where there are the many activities not to miss during Kenya Safari game drive include: visiting the World War 1 battle field, visiting Ngulia rhino sanctuary where endangered black rhinos are being protected, a boat Ride along Lake Jipe, fishing and visiting Lumo and meeting the community of the local Masai people

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