Uganda Excursions – Day Trips & Mini Safari Tours

Time is not always enough for a safari holiday but at times you need to refresh and unwind and the best option is to go for an excursion or day trip. Whether on a business trip or in Uganda for a conference, a day trip or 3 days excursion is always a great way to discover litle secrets about this “pearl of Africa” – a country blessed by nature! Here below, we present to you some of our best excursions and day trips in Uganda.

Excursions and Day Trips – Mini Safaris Uganda

 Entebbe tour; The oldest administrative city in Uganda, Entebbe is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria making it a fascinating and verdant town that was once the capital of Uganda during the early years of British protectorate in the 19th Century. It is some 45km south of Kampala, the town also lies on the altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level and the atmosphere of tropical indolence, particularly has a strong interest in natural history will make it for an altogether more attractive introduction to Uganda than the capital. This is a pretty lake shore town that is worthy visiting to enjoy the excellent botanical garden, sand beaches that attract the habitat of birds and practically guarantees close-up views of some of the primates like the black-and –white colobus monkeys, velvet monkeys, and the red tailed monkeys.

Jinja tour; Curious to know more about legendary treasures of Jinja Town as indicated on Internet and in books, cruise on Kampala Nairobi Highway to discover for ourselves what makes life on the Niles Special. The route to Jinja from Kampala is a temping tourist corridor. It offers all that nature has for mankind and it reminds. On the way you will reach Namawojolo market to enjoy the aromas of chicken barbeques, roasted and yellow bananas fruits.

Kampala City Tour; Spend the whole day in Kampala to visit Kings lake (Kabaka’s Lake and Palace),  The Kasubi Tombs the king’s burial grounds, Kibuli Mosque then lunch at Nados or revolving Restaurant, later continue with the tour to Namugongo martyrs shrine and return via Nambole National Stadium, to your Hotel or home.

Mpanga Forest tour; Mpanga Forest is a tropical forest located on a drive along Masaka Road. It is 36 Km from Kampala and it harbors a variety of fauna and flora species that include Primates like Valvet monkeys, red tail monkeys bushbucks, bush pigs and flying squirrels. The walk in the forest is a rewarding adventurer to sample out. While here you can extend your journey to the crocodile’s farm just 15 km off Masaka Road, delight and conclude your tour by taking good shots of photos at the Equator being very careful of the speeding cars and buses

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